Life in balance

On Einstein Street, the vibrant new boulevard of North Tel Aviv, reaching from the university to the sea, Einstein 15 presents the opportunity for a new lifestyle where everything is in perfect balance. Young people, families, older couples whose children have moved out, and those seeking urban culture alongside comfort, harmony alongside freedom, and the city alongside the sea and green natural world, all contained within a stylish modern residential complex.

We have created an environment that invites you to live a life in balance. Enjoy the finest cafes, restaurants, and shops, as well as convenient closeness to the city center and major thoroughfares, the beautiful beaches that line the new heart of Tel Aviv, and the new Reading Park now being established directly adjacent to Tel Aviv Port. Live amid an aesthetic world that is both colorful and precise, with a bright, meticulous design, and everything wrapped in timeless style. Activity and tranquility, closeness and distance, shape and color – experience the harmony of a life in balance.



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